Pablo Inza & Sofia Saborido

After decades of teaching and performing around the globe in the most important tango festivals Pablo and Sofia became an international point of reference in the tango scene. Their professional path made of back and forth trips between Argentina and the rest of the world as well as their expert point of view about the dance are widely appreciated in the tango communities. Refined pedagogues, performers, choreographs, actors, etc Pablo and Sofia are two accomplished artists who partnered in 2013 creating one of the most renowned couples that Argentin tango presently has.

Pablo Inza has won respect worldwide for his innovative and creative style. Pablo’s personal style is rich in contrasting dynamics and playful musicality. Frequently invited to some of the largest tango festivals in Europe and North America, Pablo has been teaching and performing around the world since 1999. An excellent teacher with a great capacity for analysis and an innate sense of musicality, Pablo’s classes are popular amongst dancers of all levels.

Dancer, choreographer, stage director and tango teacher. With a rich background in contemporary dance, artistic performance and direction, he started dancing tango in 1992 with both amateur milongueros as well as renowned maestros. He participated as dancer and choreographer in many tango shows in Argentina and also internationally. Since 1999 he has been invited to teach and perform in the most prestigious festivals. As stage director he created many tango shows.

Sofia Saborido - a delicate yet intense dancer, she has a extensive background in theatre, ballet, modern and jazz dance. The deep musicality and quality of movement in her dancing is based on a refined and sensitive connection. Being the great grand daughter of Enrique Saborido, a legendary dancer, musician and composer of tangos like La Morocha, Felicia and others, she was literally born with tango in her veins. Sofia started dancing tango when she was only 10 years old. At the age of 12 she enters in the young tango ballet of La Plata. In 2000 she works in the dinner show “La Cumparsita” and performs at the historic show of plaza Dorrego. In 2006 she won the fourth place in the tango championship of Buenos Aires. Since then she dedicates her time on teaching and performing mainly in Europe but also in United States, Australia and Asia.

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Sebastian Arce & Maria Marinova

One of the most popular dancers in the history of Argentine tango, he began his career at the age of eight, and as a teenager, already staged his first performances on stage in Buenos Aires. Gifted by nature, Sebastian quickly mastered the technical secrets and began performing in tango shows at the most prestigious theaters, taking part in the filming and choreography of high-grossing films. Arce's formation as a tangero was influenced by a number of legendary maestros of the 20th century from Zotto to Chicho Frumboli, from whom he adopted both the secrets of mastery and the very spirit of the primordial tango.

Arce is the artistic director of the Paris Tango Congress - one of the most significant and massive festivals in the world, teaches in different countries, created his own academy and makes a great contribution to the development of dance. Unbelievable, I am a technique (many elements and steps can rightfully be called copyright), the ability to beat any music in such a way that the audience takes breath, an extraordinary connection in a pair and temperament - all this is Sebastian's signature style.

But the most important feature of Arce is the ability to teach. His students win awards, and the world-renowned maestros take his lessons themselves. Sebastian finds an approach to everyone and inspires development.

The name of Maria Marinova is known both in Russia and abroad. A talented dancer, whom St. Petersburg is justly proud of, she became a three-time finalist, and then a medalist of the official World Tango Championship in Buenos Aires. She is the absolute champion of Russia and the vice-champion of Europe in the Tango Show category. Soloist of famous productions: El Cruces Tango Show (Argentina), Tango Forever, La Boca Tango Show (Russia). Her performances in the stage are distinguished by brilliant choreography, power and drama, and in the salon - by sensitive interaction with a partner and impeccable technique.

They formed a tandem with Sebastian not so long ago, but they already successfully teach in many cities of Russia and receive ovations from the audience on stage.

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Carlitos Espinoza & Agustina Piaggio

Carlos Espinoza became famous as a dancer of the milonguero style. For the last 19 years, he has been in demand in Argentina and Chile, has performed at more than 100 festivals and seminars in Europe and South America, finding loyal fans everywhere. Since the early 2000s, his popularity has grown so much that he has taught in Europe almost all of his time. When Carlitos is not touring, he lives in Chile, where advanced dancers from all over the world come to his classes almost every day.

The dance style of Carlos is milonguero, like that most authentic tango in a close embrace. He sings it the way many would dream of dancing in milongas. Even from his mentors, he adopted the understanding of the importance of the tango step, and you notice that - Carlos's personal style is characterized by a rare combination of extreme dynamics, deep musicality, energy, precision and a very grounded, confident and elegant gait.

Carlos has excellent teaching qualifications. It works with students on multiple levels, while simultaneously developing technique and mechanics of movement, and addressing the student's inner personality and process of reflection as he leads or follows.

Agustina Piaggio is a wonderful, sensitive dancer. The success of this young tango speaks for itself, she already has the title of World Champion 2019, won together with Maxim Gerasimov in the tango salon category.

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