Fabian Peralta & Josefina Bermudez

Fabian was 23 years old when he began his formation with Master Mingo Pugliese. Thereafter he served as performance dancer with several Buenos Aires ‘’casas del tango’’. He has been artistic director for the Corporación Tango show and he has performed in Tango X2, Solo Tangoand Copes Tango Copes, among other achievements. He is professor at the Carlos Copello tango school and is invited to festivals around the world. He won the International Tango Championships (Tango Salon category) in 2006, which he considers to be his greatest achievement to date.

As A tango teacher, he gives classes and workshops in Buenos Aires and in some of the biggest tango festivals in Europe, US, Australia.

JOSEFINA grew up with dance. She learned modern ballet at the Oscar Araiz school and she has danced with the company directed by him. She discovers tango at age eleven. Since then her career has been divided between these two types of dances. She work at the Carlos Copello school where she teaches; her career has taken a new turn with the world tour she is doing with Fabian Peralta.

FABIAN PERALTA & JOSEFINA BERMUDEZ together present a dance that is exquisite and refined, permeated by timeless elegance and yet amazing lightness and sense of humor. Since 2013, Fabian and Josefina have travelled the world together as teachers and dancers of some of the best international tango festivals. They are currently considered in top 10 best tango couples in the world.

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Ruben & Sabrina Veliz

Sabrina & Ruben start their artistic career in the well known Ballet Brandsen in 1989, as cast members during 8 years. With this company they tour extensively throughout Latin America.

In early 1997 they start their career as a solo couple traveling worldwide with shows as «Tango Emotion» directed by Mora Godoy, «Tango x2» directed by Miguel Angel Zotto, «Piazzola Tango» directed by Milena Plebs among others as well as with their creations as Radio Latina, Argentina Tango on Stage,Tango Corazonicos & Dramatic Tango. They were cast in the Nueva Compañia Tangueros as first dancers with wich they premiered the show «Milonga Boulevard» in New York playing the lead couple and their work received excellent reviews from critic Jack Anderson of the «New York Times». Sabrina & Ruben take part to the most important festivals worldwide.

Ruben is the author of the book «Secretos del abrazo,» detailing the techniques they developed teaching tango. He was two-time tango stage´s adjudicator in the final round of the Argentinian Tango World Championship

An exciting moment of their career has been the appearance during the celebration of the 25th anniversary of Queen Beatrix of Holland reign, performing Gallo Ciego with a choreography especially created for this occasion. This event was TV broadcast and viewed by 3.500.000 people.

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Pablo Inza & Sofia Saborido

After decades of teaching and performing around the globe in the most important tango festivals Pablo and Sofia became an international point of reference in the tango scene. Their professional path made of back and forth trips between Argentina and the rest of the world as well as their expert point of view about the dance are widely appreciated in the tango communities. Refined pedagogues, performers, choreographs, actors, etc Pablo and Sofia are two accomplished artists who partnered in 2013 creating one of the most renowned couples that Argentin tango presently has.

Pablo Inza has won respect worldwide for his innovative and creative style. Pablo’s personal style is rich in contrasting dynamics and playful musicality. Frequently invited to some of the largest tango festivals in Europe and North America, Pablo has been teaching and performing around the world since 1999. An excellent teacher with a great capacity for analysis and an innate sense of musicality, Pablo’s classes are popular amongst dancers of all levels.

Dancer, choreographer, stage director and tango teacher. With a rich background in contemporary dance, artistic performance and direction, he started dancing tango in 1992 with both amateur milongueros as well as renowned maestros. He participated as dancer and choreographer in many tango shows in Argentina and also internationally. Since 1999 he has been invited to teach and perform in the most prestigious festivals. As stage director he created many tango shows.

Sofia Saborido - a delicate yet intense dancer, she has a extensive background in theatre, ballet, modern and jazz dance. The deep musicality and quality of movement in her dancing is based on a refined and sensitive connection. Being the great grand daughter of Enrique Saborido, a legendary dancer, musician and composer of tangos like La Morocha, Felicia and others, she was literally born with tango in her veins. Sofia started dancing tango when she was only 10 years old. At the age of 12 she enters in the young tango ballet of La Plata. In 2000 she works in the dinner show “La Cumparsita” and performs at the historic show of plaza Dorrego. In 2006 she won the fourth place in the tango championship of Buenos Aires. Since then she dedicates her time on teaching and performing mainly in Europe but also in United States, Australia and Asia.

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Neri Piliu & Yanina Quinones

Yanina Valeria Quiñones and Neri Luciano Piliu dance together since 2006. They were professionally trained at the Academia de Estilos de Tango Argentino (ACETA) by famous milongueros and teachers such as Carlos Perez and Rosa, Pupi Castello, Gloria and Eduardo Arquimbau, Gerardo Portalea, Toto Faraldo and Milena Plebs, amongst many others.

They took part in tango competitions in Buenos Aires where they won the first place in both Tango Salon and Escenario: Pre-World Champions-North Zone Tango Salón in 2006/2007, Pre-World Champions West-South Area Tango Show in 2006, Baradero Festival Champions Tango Escenario in 2006 and they gained the second place in the Tango Salon World Championship in 2008, which is held annually in Buenos Aires.

Since then, they have performed at some of Buenos Aires most well-known Milongas, such as Sunderland, La Baldosa, Salon Canning, Griciel, Porteno Bailarin, often accompanied by top level orchestras such as Color Tango, La Orchestra de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires and La Orchestra Sans Souci.

They have also worked in some of the most important Buenos Aires theatres including Piazzolla Tango Show, Boca Tango and Cafe Tortoni.

As regards teaching, they impart tango lessons in some of the most prestigious schools in Buenos Aires as Escuela Argentina de Tango and Escuela Carlos Copello, and in many countries all over the world as well (Japan, Italy, France, United Kingdom and Russia). They participate to workshops anywhere in Europe and in the most prestigious Argentinian Tango’s Festivalsé

«Our intention is to respect and to honor the tango as a way of life, just a tribute in each step, gyration or all movement of our bodies»

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