1. The elastic move. Add this quality to your moves and challenge your axis a bit. (Int/Adv)

2. Tiny and rhythmical. Practice useful small patterns that will fit in all those moments when the music asks you to go fast. (Int/Adv)

3. Play with improvisation, challenge rules and roles. Create the improvisation “step by step”, including proposals from the follower.(Int/Adv)

4. Seminario: Exploring Pivots & Crosses. Part 1 - PIVOTING. How to...  Possibilities using the pivot. Micro-pivot, pivot and over pivot. The mix.(Int/Adv)

5. Seminario: Exploring Pivots & Crosses. Part 2 - CROSSING. How to... Crosses for both roles. Get to lead and follow them. The mix.(Int/Adv)



Танцевальный клуб La Boca

Санкт-Петербург, Россия,
Каменноостровский пр., д. 40А
(вход с Большого пр. П.С., 94 — вход в арку),
жилой комплекс «Белые ночи»
+7 812 497-31-30 labocadanceru@yandex.ru

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